Electric Car Conversion Kit Information

Published: 05th August 2009
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Electric Car Conversion Kit
With quite a few celebrities, such as Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, George Clooney and Tom Hanks driving the current crop of electric cars, and while gasoline prices are presently curving to be upwards of $5 a gallon early next year, I am quite sure they could afford to keep their cars filled up.
Electric Car Conversion Kit
So why are they converting their cars to electric if it is not an issue of cost?

Not including the decrease in operating cost since you no longer have to purchase gasoline, you will be rewarded with a smoother ride, less overall maintenance, a quieter engine, a cleaner running vehicle and some huge tax inducements.
Electric Car Conversion Kit
The usual cost for converting a car to electric can be over $5,000, and while you will save more than the cost of an electric car conversion in a few years of gasoline savings you must make the commitment to take advantage of clean electric cars!
What is the best way to proceed? You have three options: You can purchase one outright, you can use an electric car conversion kit, or you can just build from scratch.

It's not very hard to find a car that you can convert. The most obvious choice is a small truck or SUV, as they have more cargo space to house the batteries.

I am sure that it has crossed your mind that this project is beyond your skill level, and that you will not be able to manage to convert your car to electric, what you need is a detailed plan. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, there should be no issues. There is a shortage of good electric car conversion kits these days, if you manage to lay your hands on a good manual for one, consider yourself lucky!
The few dollars you will have to invest in the project are well worth it. The median cost of the electric car conversion kit is roughly the equivilent of two months worth of gasoline for a commuter.Should you decide to do the responsible thing and take advantage of this opportunity to convert your car from gas to electric, you will enjoy longer driving distances, lower maintenance requirements, huge tax incentives for driving an electric car and best of all, never having to pull into another gas station again.
Should you think the price is too high, consider that gasoline is only going to keep rising in price, and that along with all the other advantages I have mentioned should keep things in perspective for you.

The solution? You can easily change your car into electric car - We call it Electric Car Conversion. Do not be intimidated by the techical aspects of this project, you can easily manage using an electric car conversion kit.

I have already mentioned the vehicle, now you will need a space to work in. A garage or covered driveway is recommended for protection from the elements and you must also have ready access to your tools.

If you can keep yourself focused, and break the larger parts of the task down into smaller parts, it really is quite manageable.
I do not think you will have to worry about this being beyond your ability, if you can follow simple instructions, soon you will be the proud owner of your very own electric car conversion kit.
Since the advent of the internet, and need that might have existed to be a mechanic or engineer has long since past, you can find step by step instructions on the internet for an electric car conversion kit now.
The cost per mile will go down a great deal, and your maintenance cost will be drastically reduced.
Besides, you won't have to worry when gasoline prices rise and you can help save the earth by reducing the greenhouse gases that your produce, as well as your carbon footprint.

So, now that you have decided to do your own electric car conversion kit, you have some choices to make. You can either install an AC motor, or a DC motor. I have done both and the AC motor wins hands down.The advantage of alternating current far outweigh its one disadvantage. Most models of alternating current motors are much lighter for the power output levels, they come with controllers, and they are equipped with regenerative braking.
The cost per unit is however a bit more because of these advantages.

What do you need to get started?

Plans (detailed) for an electric car conversion kit.
A workspace- garage, shop or some similar place, or even your driveway.

A simple set of common tools.

Most importantly, a reliable helper for the heavy lifting.

While there is a list of the best cars and trucks to use in the plans, you must choose which donor vehicle you will use. Proven through three conversions, small trucks and sport utility vehicles are the best.We used an older model Nissan truck for our last electric car conversion kit and it worked out very well indeed. It is very light and there is quite a bit of room to place batteries in the frame or in the box of the truck.After locating the donor vehicle you want to use, you will first have to remove all of the gas engine and exhaust parts. It will not really take long, and you have the option of purchasing a car without the engine at some wrecking yards.That will save you quite a bit of time and expense.
The alternating current motor is attached directly to the transmission with a simple adapter kit.The placement of the batteries is the most difficult part of this project, and it is critical that you follow the details plans.There must be a balance between the carrying capacity of your vehicle, and the weight of your batteries.More batteries means longer range between charges but also reduces room for passengers or cargo. The choice is yours depending on your driving habits.

After your electric car conversion kit is done and you take your first drive you won't be able to stop smiling, especially when you drive by a gas station and don't have to stop.With a range of over 200 miles, and capable of reaching freeway speeds, your electric car drives just like any other vehicle on the road, except there is never a need to fill it up with gas.

Think about it for a moment, isn't it time you did something about this situation for you and your family? Let's get started!

For your electric car conversion kit, you will have to follow these four essential steps:
The Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Review
1.You must purchase detailed plans. If you want to do a conversion on your own, you will need a step by step guide. This is the most important step. There is nothing difficult about it, if you purchase a good plan, you will suceed
2.Find a good car. The right vehicle for your conversion is also very important. I suggest that you take a small truck. Why small trucks? Small trucks offer a lot of space for the batteries. Actually I had 24 batteries in my first electric car. Furthermore small trucks aren't too heavy. You have to consider the weight of the vehicle. The heavier the car is the faster you'll have to recharge your car.
3. Follow the plans to the letter. Buy the parts and tools you will need for the project. This is the easiest part by far. There is nothing special needed, and you probably own a good portion of the tools you will need.
4.Build it! Follow the plans and you will be fine. I did my first electric car conversion kit in less than two weeks. There really is nothing complicated about it.
What are you waiting for? Gasoline is not getting cheaper!

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